WideFi Certified Networks Can:

*     Deliver a simple Control Dashboard that works with new ISP routers and approved WideFi Certified Routers anywhere.

*    Once a member of WideFi Networks Community, you can easily set up your home network to separate home devices and mobile devices from targeting each other.

*    You will easily be able to identify all KNOWN devices and applications on your network and say "NO" to those devices and applications that you don't know and may be a threat to your home or business.

*      WideFi will also be able to provide our Global Security Services with Protection and Filtering of known Cyber Threats and Malicious Activity aimed at your home or business.

Our technology gives our members the ability to use their existing ISP hardware* (if available on our growing list) or purchase one of our WideFi Certified Routers online or in stores.

WideFi Networks, LLC recognizes the convenience and ability for many of our favorite everyday chores and systems to be accessible across our home and business networks.  But not everyone plays fair. Many devices don't have the ability to protect themselves from Cyber Threats like Ransomware, Viruses or CyberJacking.  These threats can cost money and time if not controlled and managed properly.  We here at WideFi want to protect you, your family and your business by giving you the ability to easily Know what is happening across your network and say NO to those devices and applications you are not familiar with.  

As our world becomes smaller and internet activity starts to provide opportunity to do harm closer to our homes and businesses, WideFi Networks, LLC makes it easier for businesses to control marketing, spamming, illegal activity and immediate risk to business machines through known network filtering options and network separation.  Network security shouldn't be expensive...just simple.  

WideFi Networks Has A Solution!

As a business providing FREE Wi-Fi to your customers, what are you at risk of?


If you don't KNOW your network...How can you "NO" specific devices and applications that can cause harm or present cyber risk to your personal information or technology devices?

Are you aware of the term IoT or Internet of Things?  Do you know how to set up your home or business network to decrease security risks and control your potential exposure to Cyber Liability?

WideFi Networks, LLC will be providing an easy way to Visualize, Monitor, Control and Protect your Home and Business through existing router partnerships and Cloud Based security capabilties.


WideFi Networks...Making it Simple and Easy to "NO" YOUR NETWORK! 

WideFi Networks, LLC


WideFi Certified Network Services

What are the potential security risks associated with IoT connections in your home or business?

WideFi networks...Providing network Security for                          Homes and business

WideFi Networks LLC connects our Cloud based security, filtering and known cyber activity monitoring to all our members while giving easy access and control capabilities to known ISP routers and WideFi Certified network equipment.  As our ability to add new partnerships with existing and new smart routers, WideFi will deliver a higher standard of network control and security available to everyone.  WideFi Networks, LLC Cloud based software solutions for next generation home and business networking gear will give anyone the ability to Monitor, Control and Protect individual networks like a professional.   


Are you aware of the Cyber Risks associated with connecting devices to your network without knowing how they are protected?

Do you know what, when, where and how your home is using your home or business network?

Do you know what applications are accessing your home or business network and if they are approved or present Cyber threats to your home or business?