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As technology becomes more complicated, your wireless network and capabilities shouldn't have to be.  WideFi Networks, LLC has created a unique opportunity to unlock your current Wi-Fi network's potential.  Seamlessly allow our WideFi Community to connect to your existing Wi-Fi  presence.

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Unlocking Your Wi-Fi Network's Potential.

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WideFi Networks and Marketing provides businesses across the Globe the ability to provide hands off Wi-Fi network security and accountability, with added revenue and marketing potential.  Best part...you don't have to manage any of it.  Find out how...

Locally, nationally and internationally, WideFi Networks is building a WIN/WIN connection between our WideFi Member community and our WideFi Connectivity and Business Partners.  Download our new mobile app and start seeing our benefits.

WideFi Networks has created a unique opportunity to connect to free Wi-Fi Networks across the country.  Our Secure and Accountable connectivity gives our WideFi Members the confidence that their personal information is secure and hidden from network intrusion.

WideFi Networks, LLC has the ability to provide global WiFi Connectivity.


WideFi Networks, LLC can partner with anyone who currently provides free internet as a service to their customers.  Our Network presence is driven by Cisco/Meraki cloud services and hardware.  Our proprietary application gives our Connectivity Partners the ability to provide secure and accountable Wi-Fi   connectivity without any management or understanding of it's technology.  Let us show you the abilities your current Wi-Fi network is missing.  Create new revenue through new digital splash page marketing and loyalty marketing opportunities.  All serviced by WideFi Networks and Marketing support.

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  • Seamlessly allow your clients  to connect to your existing wireless network.
  • Provide big business network security without the cost.
  • Reconnect with your business through our monthly analytics.
  • Allow outside marketing interests to generate new untapped revenue.

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  • Find out how you can become a WideFi Partner and Reseller
  • Learn about our Equipment and Marketing Franchise Opportunities
  • Become a Business Partner and enjoy our community exposure
  • Identify where your network can become WIDER!

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       Become a WideFi Community Member and enjoy the benefits of finding businesses looking to give you discounts and rewards.  All at the touch of a button on our WideFi Networks Mobile Application.  Our application will also give our members a Safe and Secure connection to all Connectivity Partners providing WideFi Network Hotspots.

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Over 15 years of Application and Telecommunications support and development. 

VP of Sales and Marketing, Over 10 years of Social Media and National Sales experience.  Distinguished ability to develop national sales and support.

Sales Director, Colorado

Proven Sales leader and commitment to providing WideFi education and product support.