What are the potential security risks associated with Public Wi-Fi for my customers?

Creating an individual WideFi Profile is quick and easy.

When connecting to a WideFi Certified Hotspot, each user will be prompted to enter their existing username and password or create a profile for future use across all of WideFi Certified Networks.

To create a free membership to WideFi, a member will need to enter an individual username, password, email, phone number and zip code.  When submitted, WideFi will send a four digit security code to the members phone to activate their account. 

Once activated, each member will be able to access all WideFi Certified Hotspots with the confidence that they are connecting to a more secure and protected public network. 

Members can enjoy usage rewards and loyalty benefits from WideFi Connectivity Partners providing a higher standard of public Wi-Fi.

Are you currently covered for Cyber Liability and the toll a potential lawsuit could have on your business?

Are you aware of the risk unsecure and anonymous Wi-Fi has on social issues and crime?

Malicious and illegal end-user activity across public Wi-Fi  doesn't just target individual users and their devices.  Hackers are also targeting businesses with weak or no security and either stealing valuable data or holding network equipment and services for ransom.  New reports of Ransomware are popping up where the FBI recommends a cyber victim pay out if their devices are victim of Ransomware, holding personal data.. (Read Here)  WideFi Networks security and monitoring can help block these opportunities and save you lots of money. 

WideFi Networks Has A Solution!

Know Your Network...Trust WideFi Certified Networks to deliver more secure and protected public Wi-Fi. 


How easy is it to create a WideFi Profile?

Traditional Wi-Fi does not protect users from mobile intrusion and network peering.  This security risk is often used by hackers to connect to personal mobile devices (Smart Phones, tablets, PC's, etc) that are connected to the same wireless access points.  This connection allows hackers to copy or download content and spyware that can lead to personal data theft, a leading cause of identity theft. 

What are the potential security risks associated with providing Public Wi-Fi for my business?

WideFi Certified Networks Can:

*     Identify WideFi Certified Wi-Fi networks that deliver safer and more protected Wi-Fi internet.

*     Connect anyone to our WideFi Certified Network through our proprietary WideFi Multi-Factor Authentication.  Giving everyone the ability to "Know Their Network"!

*    Monitor our community of networks for higher levels of security and protection.  Users are protected from Mobile Intrusion, Peering and Network Fishing activity.  Businesses are protected from unknown end-user's illegal activity that can harm a business's integrity and data. 

Our customers can feel confident that they are covered by our Cyber Liability coverage provided by USLI, one of the largest Cyber Liability Insurance Groups in the Country.

*    WideFi Networks monitors our networks 24/7, this constant monitoring gives us the ability to deliver valuable business metrics and protections.  Knowing who is connecting to your network gives you the ability to reward your loyal customers and provide a needed service to your community.  

WideFi Certified Network Services

We do not ask for any intrusive information that can lead to identity theft, just enough to serve and protect our community.

Know Your Network...Trust WideFi Certified Networks to deliver more secure and protected public Wi-Fi.


WideFi Certified Networks...protected Public Wi-Fi

WideFi Networks, LLC


Do you currently provide free public or guest Wi-Fi to your customers or community?

Are you aware of the security risks or potential Cyber Liability associated with providing free public or guest Wi-Fi?

Do you KNOW your network? Who is using your free public Wi-Fi or what type of end-user activity may put your business at risk?

Does your public Wi-Fi service put your customers at risk for cyber crimes and identity theft?

WideFi Networks Multi-Authentication Process gives everyone the ability to create their own individual WideFi Profile that will unlock our WideFi Certified Wireless locations across the country. 

  • Users will only have to create a profile once.
  • Users will know that they are connecting to a true WideFi Certified Protected Network by using our WideFindr Mobile Application and seeing our WideFi brand at every entrance.
  • Each WideFi Certified location will deliver protection from mobile intrusion, peering and fishing activity.
  • Users can opt into individual location loyalty programs through email marketing and user reward contests.  To learn more, please contact us at Info@widefi.com.