WideFi Networks...Your Network...Built by you, for you

WideFi Networks and Marketing


WideFi Networks, LLC is a safe and Secure private network built for the public and for those who demand a better Wi-Fi connectivity.  In today's world where sensitive digital information is stored on our personal devices, free Wi-Fi is a vulnerable connection to the internet.  WideFi Networks has created a safe and secure way to connect without the worry of Peer2Peer networking and digital intrusion.  Find our Free Networks at current locations using our free mobile application...WideFindr to locate our safe and secure internet and local business services.  #Knowyourwifinetwork



It's important to understand the dangers of connecting to an unknown public networks.  Mobile Intrusion and Identity theft happen across unsecure network access points.  Even with password protection, you are not protected from Peer2Peer Networking and Sniffer Software. 

WideFi Networks...Your Network...Built by You, For You.


#SafeWiFi, #SaferWideFi


Look for our WideFi Network Logos...Black is for our Network and Blue is for our Mobile Value Partners.

WideFi Networks and WideFindr Marketing

Safe and Secure

WideFi Networks and Marketing wants to let you know that there are local businesses concerned about providing you the best Wi-Fi connections for your safety and personal information.  They chose to deliver a safer Wi-Fi solution because they care and want the best for you.  Help support these businesses' and show your appreciation.