WideFi Certified Networks...Know your protected Choices for Public Wi-Fi

WideFi Networks, LLC


WideFi Networks, LLC would like to introduce you to Protected Free Public Wi-Fi across the globe.  Many businesses are realizing that the world is looking for safe and protected free Wi-Fi and many are choosing to offer safer alternatives to traditional Wi-Fi connectivity.  WideFi Networks has created an easy way to identify WideFi Certified public Hot Spots and connect everyone to those networks through our proprietary authentication process.  This one time "individual access key" creation will connect our WideFi community to all WideFi Certified Network locations and help protect our users from mobile intrusion and cyber liability attacks.  If you don't know your network...it's probably not safe. 

Unprotected Wi-Fi is a leading cause of Identity Theft and mobile data intrusion.  It is hard to know what networks are safe and which are breeding grounds for cyber security attacks.  Let WideFi Networks identify which networks are providing safer alternatives to traditional Wi-Fi and Certify these networks with our own authentication and monitoring systems. 

Look for our WideFi Network Logo in all our Known WideFi Certified locations.  Expect more from your Wi-Fi.

WideFi Networks, LLC

Expect More from your WideFi


It's important to understand the dangers of connecting to unknown public networks.  Mobile intrusion and identity theft happen across unsecure network access points, even if protected by a common password. Know that all WideFi Certified Network locations prohibit Network Peering and Mobile Intrusion, creating a more secure network connection that keeps you safer and protected...it's about time you had a choice for Responsible Free Internet.  See if a WideFi Certified Network is available in your area.

Know Your Network

With the understanding of security issues from traditional Wi-Fi networks, it is important to know the networks' you are connecting to.  Know that all WideFi Certified Networks use your personal access key to connect to our safe and protected WideFi network.  Your individual access key can be created in a matter of seconds and can be used anywhere WideFi Cerrtified Networks presence.  Its simple to create, easy to use and locations are identified through our WideFindr Mobile Application, Free in the Apple Store or Google Play.  Just Search "WideFi" and see where you can connect to a safer and more protected alternative to traditional Public Wi-Fi.