We do not discriminate on what services you currently have.  We provide connectivity to anyone on any carrier or provider.  You can use your profile across the US where ever WideFi Networks has a presence. 



Our team of experts are excited to build a world class application that will connect you to your everyday life.  We are working to make WideFi Networks a tool that will keep your life organized and accessible.  Look for new generation updates that can be added to your WideFi profile and enjoy being connected to your life.

Bridging the Gap between you and your Life

As You grow, we grow.  Our desire is to increase our presence across the US with the help of our users.  Your Network is built by your activity and presence.


WideFi Networks


WideFi Networks has created a partnership with people and businesses across the US that want to keep you connected.  Because of your desire to keep up with the latest social media, our connectivity partners have agreed to lend access to their existing networks, giving you the opportunity to stay connected.  Our free application download and equipment give world class security without intrusive systems invading your privacy.

Your Internet...Built By You, For You