Service Diversity

We do not discriminate on what services you currently have.  We provide connectivity to anyone on any carrier or provider.  You can use your profile across the US where ever WideFi Networks has a presence. 

Bridging the Gap between you and your Life

As You grow, We grow.  Our desire is to increase our presence across the US with the help of our users and business partners.  Your Network is built by your activity and presence.


WideFi Networks knows how important it is to stay connected.  WideFi Networks has created an application platform that can reward our networks users with free internet connections across the United States.  By creating a WideFi Network profile, our WideFi community can connect to all our WideFi Network Connectivity Partners with ease and security.  Our network does not allow for Peer to Peer networking, giving everyone a trusted and safe way to connect to the world we live in.  We believe our WideFi Community has a value to both our Connectivity Partners and their Marketing Vendors.  Your internet usage across WideFi Networks can give you valuable loyalty rewards and visibility onto new product education. 


Opportunities with WideFi Networks

WideFi Networks is growing our footprint of Connectivity and Marketing Partners across the US.  Currently we are looking to introduce our new Digital Billboard presence in all of our WideFi Connectivity Partner businesses.  If you understand the opportunity to market to consumers at or near the moment of understand the power of our Digital Billboard presence. 

Our Safe and Accountable WiFi experience is a new and secure way to connect to the world we live in.  If you are interested in becoming a marketing partner or want to introduce WideFi Networks and Marketing to your area, please contact us at and we will be sure to have one of our representatives contact you for more information.

If you are interested in our ability to work with your current Network business, please ask about our partnership and franchise opportunities.  WideFi Networks and Marketing is looking to make both you and our family successful.

WideFi Networks...Built By You...For You. 

Your Network Just Got Wider!!!

Your Network...Built by You, For You



Our team of experts are excited to build a world class application that will connect you to your everyday life.  We are working to make WideFi Networks a tool that will keep your life organized and accessible.  Look for new generation updates that can be added to your WideFi profile.