WideFi Networks, LLC


Why WideFi?

If your a business and want to know how to provide a more "Socially Responsible" Internet Connection...Please call us to hear more about our business services and marketing partnerships.

Our mission at WideFi Networks, LLC is to provide the highest level of Control and Protection to our members families and customers.  We here at WideFi have a passion for solving today's problems with internet security and potential IoT security threats.  Most IoT security threats can be detected and stopped just by knowing what is happening across your network.  WideFi makes it simple and easy to see what your know and don't know and do something about it.   

WideFi networks...Providing network Security for                          Homes and business

WideFi Networks, LLC is a family managed business that believes you should have a better understanding of your home and business networks so that you can control what you Know and don't Know.

Connect to our cloud managed public network and trust our security and protection.

As more and more people are understanding the potential risk's of connecting IoT devices to their growing network, many have asked us how we can make it easier to understand and control their home and business networks.  It doesn't have to be that hard, but it does have to be managed.

WideFi Networks, LLC will be able to be accessed through one of three ways.

  1. Our Soon to be published Website will allow you to see if your current Internet Service Provider's Router is compatible with our technology.  Not every router is the same and you may have an older router that doesn't give the functionality needed with today's network needs.  If this is the case...you can either purchase a WideFi Networks Certified Router or wait until your ISP gives you an updated router that is in our database. If your router is in our database, you will be able to create a non-contract membership account and enjoy our services immediately.
  2. ‚ÄčIf you became interested in our services through one of our Channel Partners marketing and Website, you will also be able to see if your existing equipment qualifies for our services and create your membership. 
  3. WideFi Networks will also have Referral program that will help educate and sell our services.  All options will be available to our first markets by the beginning of the summer.