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International  Headquarters
5782 Yukon Street
Arvada, CO 80002 USA

Phone: +1 720-452-1222

The WideFi Team

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Brad Hawkins is CEO of WideFi Networks, LLC, a network management and cyber security company that protects families and businesses from network vulnerabilities. Brad oversees the overall leadership and development of SaferNet. A father of four, Brad has spent over 20 years starting and running national and international companies in the fields of software development, investment, healthcare and manufacturing. He and his wife Latisha currently live in Arvada, Colorado. 


Brad Hawkins

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Jim Copeland oversees branding and marketing for WideFi’s SaferNet residential, business and mobile products. Jim has held executive leadership positions with several global non-profits, which operate in more than 80 countries, and has served on several international boards. Jim’s c-suite leadership roles over the last 30 years cover advertising, marketing, sales and recruitment. Jim is the father of two children and lives in Denver, Colorado, with his wife Denise. 

Director of Marketing 

Jim Copeland


Carl Kuehn is responsible for overseeing the development and market readiness of the SaferNet product. He draws upon almost 25 years of software development experience in virtually all aspects of the software development life cycle, including 10 years of national and international consulting experience, working on client sites in the U.S., Europe, and Australia. Carl and his wife JoDee live in Arvada, Colorado with their two children.

Director of Product Development

Carl Kuehn

Headshot Patrcik.jpg

Patrick Cavanaugh is the Founder and CTO of WideFi Networks, LLC, a network management and cyber security company he created to help protect families and businesses from network vulnerabilities. Patrick monitors and oversees WideFi’s software development, bringing more than 20 years of experience in working with leading companies in the network technology industry. The parents of six children, Patrick and his wife Crisny reside in Arvada, Colorado. 


Patrick Cavanaugh


Greg Tull is responsible for overseeing SaferNet’s best in class Referral Program which is dedicated to valuing people, promoting excellent and building powerful partnerships that have a positive impact on the world. Greg is a networking professional with over 20 years of executive experience in cultivating relationships with influential leaders in business, non profit and faith based communities.  He and his wife Barbara enjoy parenting two boys in Littleton, CO.  

Partner Relations Manager

Greg Tull


Wendy and her husband have owned and operated a small consulting and recruiting firm for over 20 years. She also has experience in international sales as well as private sector large scale fundraising. She is a mother of four and has a real passion for SaferNet and what it can do to help families around the world protect their kids online.

Sales Manager

Wendy Sikes 


















Who needs WideFi's, SaferNet products?

If any of the following appeals to you, SaferNet is an ideal solution:


  • Connect new devices such as a TV, Blu-Ray player, streaming tool or new phone without compromising the security of your personal information.

  • Know what, when, where and how your home network is being used.

  • Approve which sources have access to your home network and which to deny access.

  • Protect your Identity and personal information.

  • Go from not knowing how to change your router password to be your home’s system administrator thanks to the simplicity of the SaferNet dashboard.


  • All of the above, plus…

  • Manage children’s Internet time and access.

  • Observe and control which apps are being used on your devices and how much access they have to your network.

  • Decide for yourself what is dangerous and what is safe when it comes to users, apps, websites and devices.

  • Protect kids from Internet predators.


  • Protect client data.

  • Control what types of content can be viewed via your network.

  • Protect your investments while providing greater service to your customers.

  • Prevent malicious manipulation of internal systems.

  • Market directly to any device you have previously allowed access to your network.

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Meet The Board

Troy Eggers

As the President of Nationwide Equipment Control, I have maintained our family business as one of the first, finest, and longest running trailer-logistic companies in North America.  In 1989, I joined the three-year-old family business and have had the privilege to develop all aspects of this dynamic company.  Nationwide has been a trusted leader in the semi-trailer industry for over 33 years, and we are a trend-setting company developing leading innovations for the future.

Dan Sikes 

In 1998 Dan and his wife began Sapcon, Inc. an IT consulting and recruiting firm.  Dan has provided direct and subcontract IT consulting for over 23 years, to 46 clients in 13 different industries spanning 8 countries.  Sapcon’s clientele consists of small, medium and large organizations ranging from $15 million in annual sales to over $140 billion.  Dan and his wife recently moved back home to Colorado and he is very excited to become a more integral part of the  development and growth of WideFi's business.

James Doe

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