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Join our SaferNet "Referal Team" today!


Are you looking for a simple business opportunity to increase income streams for you, your business or non-profit? Or perhaps, you are just hoping to make a little extra money online?  


We invite you to join our team of professionals who are enjoying the income benefits of being a SaferNet Referral Team member.  This “Best in Class” referral program allows you to choose a sustainable income model that delivers excellent returns for you, your business or your customers.


Let’s start by introducing our Referral Programs:


Ambassador Referral Program: 

This plan is perfect for busy parents, charities, businesses or e-commerce pros who desire immediate income on each sale with no monthly sales requirements.  If you have a large personal network and are willing to leverage your blog, website, social media influence or email list to promote SaferNet subscription packages you may want to consider joining our Ambassador Team.  You will earn 75% of the first-month subscription amount for each and every sale.


Legacy Referral Program: 

If you want to build a business and create long-term residual income, this plan may be right for you.  Many Legacy Team Members are already SaferNet subscribers, so they know and love the SaferNet benefits which make them excellent Sales Reps!  It’s as simple as spreading the word to your family, friends, and associates and you get paid! Earn a 40% commission on every subscription you sell and receive up to 15% per month for the life of those subscriptions.  As a bonus, if you bring us new team members, you receive 10% on their gross commissions every month.


5 Reasons we give our Referral Partners more!


1. No Cost To You
Teaming up with SaferNet is absolutely free! When you sign up, we give you a personal link to post on your website, blog, mailing list or social media platform and every time you make a referral that leads to a sale, you earn a commission!

2. A Service You Can Believe In
SaferNet is a powerful smart device solution to protect families, friends, and associates from malicious, intrusive and explicit internet threats.  As a SaferNet Representative, you will be a trusted advocate for good!


3. More Ways to Market
Most programs make you do all the work but SaferNet equips you with your own links, banners, custom landing page, as well as exceptional training videos, creative ads, weekly blogs, and proven marketing ideas to help you be successful!


4. Real-Time Reporting
SaferNet provides a premium back office experience for our Referral Team.  We track all your sales reports, set up direct deposit and manage all your financial statements!

5. Easy to Start

Whether you are a current SaferNet Customer or not, all you have to do is sign up and start spreading the word about the amazing benefits of SaferNet!


  1. Choose the plan that is right for you and sign up below.

  2. Receive your Affiliate number.

  3. Fill out your Affiliate profile to populate your personal website.  

  4. Post your links or send people to your website to subscribe.

  5. Start Earning Commissions!


Click here to get started TODAY!