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WideFi For Business

Innovative New Wi-Fi Security
Solutions for your Business


Introducing the Future of Customized Wi-Fi Network Security

Living in the Digital Age isn’t news anymore; it’s our new normal. We rely on digital networks for everything from communication, workplace security, to driving directions and more. What many of us don’t realize, however, is just how vulnerable our various systems and devices are to malicious external influences and attacks.

Wi-Fi network security experts Patrick Cavanaugh and Brad Hawkins have created a tool for your workplace network to more secure, it does so with intuitive ease so anyone can drive this powerful security solution. They call it: WideFi.


WideFi Networks, LLC provides an easy way to visualize, monitor, control and protect your business by pairing your existing router with cloud-based security options.

A Software Solution that Uses Your Existing Router

Unlike competing Wi-Fi security products, WideFi offers a solution that is entirely software- and cloud-based, meaning you don’t need to purchase any proprietary hardware in order to take advantage of this new technology. New routers are constantly being added to the existing WideFi roster of compatible devices so most people will be able to participate in WideFi security right away. Anyone who has a router that isn’t currently WideFi-ready has the option to be notified when their device is added or to upgrade their device through their Internet service provider (or a local electronics retailer).

Why Your Business Needs WideFi?

If any of the following appeal to you, WideFi is an ideal solution:

  • Protect client data.

  • Control what types of content can be viewed via your network.

  • Protect your investments while providing greater service to your customers.

  • Prevent malicious manipulation of internal systems.

  • Market directly to any device you have previously allowed access to your network.

Network Protection.
Network Monitoring.
Network Control.

Control Access to Your Network

The Internet is full of opportunities as well as threats. Know which of these are affecting your network; in other words, easily empower yourself to say “yes” or “no” to any incoming requests from users, apps or programs that are trying to access your network. Protect your business from known and unknown risks by seeing everything that interacts with your network and deciding for yourself what you wish to permit. WideFi exposes, educates and equips you to control your network’s accessibility.

Risks IoT Bring to Your Network

​WideFi Networks, LLC recognizes the convenience and ability for many of our favorite everyday chores and systems to be accessible across our home and business networks.  But not everyone plays fair. Many devices don't have the ability to protect themselves from Cyber Threats like Ransomware, Viruses or CyberJacking.


These threats can cost money and time if not controlled and managed properly.  We here at WideFi want to protect you, your family and your business by giving you the ability to easily Know what is happening across your network and say NO to those devices and applications you are not familiar with. 

Risks Providing WiFi to Your Guests

​As our world becomes smaller and internet activity starts to provide opportunity to do harm closer to our homes and businesses, WideFi Networks, LLC makes it easier for businesses to control marketing, spamming, illegal activity and immediate risk to business machines through known network filtering options and network separation.  Network security shouldn't be expensive...just simple. 

WideFi Network Services

WideFi Networks LLC connects our Cloud based security, filtering and known cyber activity monitoring to all our members while giving easy access and control capabilities to known ISP routers and WideFi Certified network equipment.  As our ability to add new partnerships with existing and new smart routers, WideFi will deliver a higher standard of network control and security available to everyone.  WideFi Networks, LLC Cloud based software solutions for next generation home and business networking gear will give anyone the ability to Monitor, Control and Protect individual networks like a professional.  

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